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NPH. Jason Segel. Les Mis. Epic!


...Why haven't you downloaded the Dr. Horrible soundtrack on iTunes yet?

Bizarro Me and You and Everyone We Know

Want to read something funny? How about me trying to wrap my head around string theory physics, the fabric of the universe, and how it pertains to comics/speculative fiction?

Dr. Pol-Arity and the Legion of Science: Me and You and the Multiverse

Even if you're not a comic fan, there's some interesting discussion on the theory that there may be an exact copy of you out there in the universe. Geeky stuff, but fun to think about.

All of this stems from an episode of Radiolab, which is essential listening to anyone who's ever ended a sentence with a question mark.

Summer Movie Wrap-Up

I wrote a wrap-up of the summer's five comic book movies over......here. Really pleased with how it turned out.



I speak without hyperbole when I say that Wall-E is a perfect film.

It is without flaw. It is Pixar's finest film, and a superlative example of their signature brand of storytelling. Wall-E is a stunning showcase of modern animation, but more importantly, a reminder of where movie's began. This is Buster Keaton and Charlie Chaplin, with a simple and effective understanding of the best tools in a screenwriter's kit, regardless of budget or technical ability. Never lazy and always inventive. It's the definition of movie magic. Impossibly clever, heart-felt, and dazzling. From script to pixel, it is a wonderful, wonderful movie.

green thumbs up

I guested on a special edition podcast discussing the Incredible Hulk movie with the guys at iFanboy. It's really surreal being on the staff of a show that I've been listening to as a fan for close on two years. Remember, new geeky columns from yours (mostly) truly every Tuesday.

Check it out here.

Also, you should be on Twitter. Seriously. Such a better way to communicate.



New Weekly Column

This week I started a new weekly column about comics and related media for iFanboy.com. I'll be posting a new article every Tuesday. This first of which is up today. It focuses on comics as escapism, relating to Houdini and other escape artists.

The Escape Arts

New episode is up!

Episode Four: "Spooky"

It's a haunting review show!

00:00 - A Crank Call
01:44 - Our First Flash Fiction Submission!
02:27 - Bessie Anne's Post-Apocalyptic Teashop
06:19 - The Orphanage
15:43 - Arkham Asylum
36:33 - Credits

The feed.

Episode Three: Point Oh

In this episode of Fuzzy Typewriter I throw down the gauntlet and call for some flash fiction. Then Dave slinks back out of the lagoon to discuss the future of storytelling in the digital age. You might say it's the Watchmen of Web 2.0 conversation shows.

"Point Oh"

00:00 - Intro
01:05 - A Triple Dog Dare
03:29 - Something Accampo This Way Comes
03:47 - Mixed Metaphors and the Meaning of Web 2.0
06:33 - Twitter
08:12 - YouTube
08:23 - Would you say...?
15:40 - Who is October St. James?
22:43 - LonelyGirl15
23:28 - Diablo Cody
24:35 - Scott Sigler
27:34 - The Future of Storytelling
32:15 - The Tandem Novel?
35:11 - Mutiny on the H.M.S. Fuzzy
36:21 - Wrap Up

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